Our goal is to implement a design that is complementary to your branding and assets that is responsive, accessible, and fast loading. If you have a design or a site that you really like, you can share that during initial contact and we'll use that for inspiration.

We design and test all our sites on all size platforms, from smart phones to tablets to desktops, to ensure that everything looks right and everything functions regardless of size.

We test all our sites for accessibility with WAVE to ensure compliance with all their recommendations. This includes, contrasting colors for text and backgrounds for readability, descriptions for all images and other non-text assets, and use of HTML5 semantic tags to assist in navigation and screen reading.

We design all our sites to use thumbnails and previews of media assets and only load full size assets on demand. All JavaScript assets are pruned and minified during build. Regardless of hosting platform or usage, smaller data transfers improve page load times.

Our priority is function over form, but we like good form too. While we avoid widespread use of large images, we believe our pages look good anyway and provide the performance you need.