Technology Stack

Our specialization is creating sites and solving business problems with software and automation for our customers. You probably don't care how we do it, as long as it's done quickly, correctly, and securely. Read on, however, if you're curious about what happens behind the scenes.

Our primary framework is Django for landing pages and sites or applications that have established, well-defined data models. This allows us to quickly deploy typical sites that use some dynamic data.

We use server-side (NodeJS) JavaScript with MongoDB for single page apps and other situations where data models may change rapidly. This allows us to deploy one site or application and make it available as a desktop web page, a mobile web page, or as a progressive web app your customers can use on their mobile device.

All front-end development is done with Bootstrap 5 styling and additional CSS and JavaScript as necessary. Single-page apps or more complicated sites are built with React. and React Bootstrap.